Onkyo TX-NR901 7.1 Channels Receiver A/V Receivers

TX-NR901 7.1 Channels Receiver

Emotion: Something that used to be merely a reaction to what was on the screen, or to music or movie dialogue floating through the air. Onkyo emotion: A reaction you experience before you've even attached the first cable of the TX-NR901. Prepare to be impressed when you first lay eyes on this receiver. And remember to use at least two people to lift it out of the box that's how heavy it is thanks to its rugged build, featuring a sturdy, anti-resonant chassis. Relief comes from the knowledge of having a receiver that gives you exclusive sound quality from high-grade components.

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Marvin Schulz   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 11, 2007]

Powered Zone 2, Net tune, 110 wpc x 7, THX certified, awesome remote, great sound, easy setup, 4,6 & 8 ohm. speaker capacity. Just an all around great receiver, right up there with Flagship performance at about half the price, mine was a whole lot less than half the price because I bought mine refurbuished.


None to this date.

I purchased the Onkyo TX NR901 for 2 channel stereo and home Theater and it performs excellent either way. I choose the 901 because of the name and reputation, I have owned serveral Onkyo receivers before and they have all been excellent in sound quality. This receiver has plenty of clean power and crisp smooth sound, it has a powered Zone 2 which I really like and the remote works better than any I've ever owned, it also has a Bass crossover of 40,60,80 100,120 and 150. Oh and the Zone 2 can be turned on and off independendly of the main receiver in other words if you want to listen to music in your bedroom and not in the room where the receiver is you can without turning the main receiver on, you can also adjust the voloum of Zone 2 and the main receiver independently which is another nice feature because with that feature you can have have your Zone 2 sopeakers in the same room as the front speakers butvin the back and then you can adjust the voloume between the 2 like a fadder, that's something you can't do with an A+B speaker switch. I'll tell you this receiver has so much stuff it's just awesome, it also has THX Select along with all the other surrond modes. and by the way it weighs 42 1/2 LBS. so it's alot of receiver. Marvin

Customer Service

Onkyo has one of the very best customer service sites you will find anywhere, In my opion they are the best. I had to call about turning the voloum up and down on the Zone 2 and they were the most freindly and helpful persons you will find anywhere, and if I would have read the manaul I would not have had to call.

Similar Products Used: Harman Kardon AVR-8000, Onkyo 838, 898 and a few more that I don't remember the model #.
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