Onkyo TX-NR5009 9.2 A/V Receivers

Onkyo TX-NR5009 9.2 A/V Receivers 


If youre serious about home entertainment, you should seriously check out the TX-NR5009 from Onkyo. This 9.2-channel receiver has all the advanced features you crave to provide you with the highest-quality audio and video possible for years to come. It supports Full HD 3D, upscaling to 4K video, and the latest uncompressed HD audio standards. There are plenty of inputs to handle all your sources and its even network-enabled! Home theater receiver 9-channel amplifier; 145 watts per channel with 2 channels driven,one toroidal and three independent power transformers for clean performance

  • Output Level: 200 mV/470 ohms
  • Phono Overload: 70 mV (MM, 1 kHz, 0.5%)
  • Speaker Impedance: 4 ohms-16 ohms or 6 ohms-16 ohms
  • No. of Channels: 9.2


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[Nov 29, 2011]
Audio Enthusiast

This is my third AV amp, upgraded to this from 2 Yamahas, the previous one being 5 year old. Powerful AV amp with ample headroom in volume for my needs. Altho some source material were plenty loud at 70% (especially certain BDs), others (DVDs and MKV files) needed up to 80% to be deafening in a small-to-medium sized room. The setup GUI looks nice and easy to navigate, although some features are filed under catagories one may not be used to. The adjustable functions and features are sufficient to satisfy any HT fan, I was impressed by an Equalizer function which can be used for each individual channel. Sound quality for HT is great, robust, bold and muscular, leaning more to the warm side and fairly unoffensive, and it goes loud with ease. Very good surround steering - snappy and accurate. The Transformer series was the perfect movie to showcase its prowess - powerful bass slams with agile and accurate surround steering complimented by good detail and an unoffensive treble. It has an effortless way of producing HT sound so it should cope pretty well at head-banging volumes. Tried stereo music but wasn't impressed, needs alot of tweaking and EQ boost for pop/rock music while audiophile FLAC files played in stereo mode with sub sounded decent but was kinda flat in Pure Audio mode. But then again i was comparing it to what my serious stereo hifi can do so i have to cut it some slack. The Android remote app works like a charm once a wired ethernet connection is made, it automatically streams whatever music was in my Android mobile phone and plays it nicely. The remote is decent, with backlit buttons and a sensible navigation keys, altho i would have like certain buttons to be diffentiated by different colors. The build is solid and hefty at 25kg but it does get quite hot (at the right corner near the rear), even at idle mode. I had the chance to try the 3009 and it runs cooler. But the heat was manageable, i could lay my hand on it w/o getting scorched and there was no clipping (there are 2 fans inside, with cooling fans at the side). One thing which is inexcusable is the lack of a hardcopy instruction manual, which is available on the web. At this price, I don't see why it doesnt come in the box! (I had to scroll thru the manual on my tablet/mobile device which was very inconvenient). Didnt try the web radio feature yet. Sticker labels for all your cable connections are provided, nice touch. Unlike my previous AV amps which require a change of input on the TV to view the setup menu, the setup menu pops out when activated while you're still watching the movie here, it mutes the movie while you'll making adjustments, very convenient. Overall no regrets, its a muscular brute which havent shown its true potential for me yet as i'm currently using them with 2 B&W PV1s and am awaiting the arrival of my true HT Rhythmik sub (15" ported design compared to the current dual-8" sealed ones). A bold, confident & agile performer with plenty of muscle.

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