NAD T762 A/V Receivers


  • Number of channels: 6
  • Power output: 100Wpc
  • Decoding formats: Dolby Digital
  • Dimensions: 17.13'' x 6.6'' x 16.5''

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RoyY51   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 08, 2005]

Very nice soundstaging, imaging and midrange to high sound reproduction. Plus, the 6.1 experience is kind of a kick.


FLACCID BASS! Quality control is also a concern.

I bought the T762 partly to experience all the "new" audio formats ( DTS, DPL II, 6.1 ) and partly because of the glowing reviews in the audio mags. I had been using a Marantz SR780 that I loved for 2-channel music but only had Dolby Digital 5.1 and basic Pro-Logic for movies. I figured that ( again, according to the reviews ) the Nad would be a step up in all departments. Wrong again! While the Nad does have ( marginally ) better detail, soundstaging and depth of field, it is definitely lacking in the old "oomph" department. With the Marantz I could run my Monitor Audio B2's full range, without the sub, and experience the full range of music, down to the chest-thumping slam of a well miked bass drum. With the Nad, the bottom-end magic is gone. I am now forced to engage my subwoofer to produce the low end, and the resulting sound is just not as cohesive as running the B2's full-range with the Marantz. Then there's the quality control issues. I had only been using the T762 for about 3 months when the pixies attacked. First, it was popping noises when I changed input sources. Then, as I pressed the volume key down on the remote, the volume would actually go up! Finally, all channels except the front left completely died. After a couple of false starts in dealing with the retailer, the unit was sent to Henry's Radio in Los Angeles. After a week and a half I was finally able to reinstall my now fully functioning receiver, and things have gotten back to normal. Still no bass, but the various audio formats almost make up for it. Almost. I suppose, in retrospect, that I should have done more research and auditioning before making my purchase. But, given that it takes me forever to figure out how to use new equiptment, I just don't have the patience or the energy to go through this again. I'm resigned to joining the faceless masses that live with less than ideal circumstances because they're too lazy to do something about it. Besides, it's given me a new hobby...endlessly tweaking my subwoofer, trying to achieve that perfect integration. Oh well, it keeps me off the streets...

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