NAD T-775 A/V Receivers


  • 7 x 100W Simultaneous Full Disclosure Power
  • 7 x 165W Minimum Continuous Power (FTC)
  • PowerDrive amplifier technology
  • Holmgren Toroidal Power Supply
  • NAD Soft Clipping

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merid   AudioPhile [Nov 25, 2010]

I hate the nerdy term Audiophile, but when I look back on quality and I hate to say quantity of equipment, I guess I might qualify.The NAD T775 passes the test for Audiophile sound in just about every way. I will not go into all the flowery description, because if you are considering the T775, you probably know what I am alluding to regarding Audiophile quality.

This is an A/V receiver, so what I will focus on is the over all experience. When you first sit down, you will think it's just another nice, expensive attempt at nirvana. Only after 15-20 minutes of listening will you realize it's time to pull out every movie you ever loved and see what it sounds like on the NAD T775. You feel like you are sitting in the movie, not watching the movie. Again, I'm not going to try to use video reviewer terms. I've just heard a lot of good "stuff" and this is the best so far.

Use the Audyssey EQ program and take the time to set up the microphone on a camera tripod or something that will give you consistent positioning. Try to measure accurately the distances of from the listening position that they instruct in the manual. Be precise, it pays off in a sound world you will probably not have experienced before.

I have not been using this receiver long. It does what I had hoped it would do, but I will never say an audio piece of equipment deserves my ultimate endorsement until it has gone 5 years without incident. Who cares about good sound if after 2 years the thing starts squeeling or smoking and your sitting with a boat anchor. I have owned other NAD equipment and it has been rock solid over time. If this thing tanks, you'll see another review blasting away. Otherwise, I would say this piece of equipment is state-of-the-art and I guess worth the bucks you spend to own it!

My apologies to those who like to read really detailed stuff. I'll let some other person do the color commentary.

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