Marantz SR7001 A/V Receivers

Marantz SR7001 A/V Receivers 


Here’s a balanced combination of the performance you deserve and a price that will ease your way to the highest levels of home entertainment. Of course it’s from Marantz. And it’s got THX Select2 certification as well. Time to boogie? Time to settle back for a movie? We think so. And so will you.


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[Jul 15, 2008]
Audio Enthusiast


Really CLEAR sound - I enjoyed it, and i am really sad to return this unit because of such stupid childhood diseases, 7th class - is not that low to have these diseases....


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So bought this unit and take it back to shop within a 1 week.
The good: it has a lot of inputs and outputs, more then I need, sound is very good with my Klpsch, OSD is not complicated.
The bad: very annoying thing to me was clips in sound when you change treble or bass settings or when you set a frequency in EQ. For sure you will hear it on moderate volume with music without of drums. I'd say OK if it was only in EQ - cause you set it once and forget, but tone setting is used more often then once, so.....was shocked to hear that. i came to shop today to change this unit on the same one (Huh I was thinking it was just fault of mine unit, but when we started to check the next totally new unit - the same result, we moved on 6001 - the same - clipping, we moved to 7002 and only here it was OK but it cost much more then 7001)
Suddenly it is not all about bad things on this unit - another one was also about changing tone settings, but in headphones mode - there are 2 modes DH and BP - in DH mode you can not change tones (it is stated in manual) so if you try display will blink, but in BP you can change treble and buss - display shows your settings, BUT no change in sound at all, NO SOUND CHANGE - you see how figures are changing on display but no sound changes - what a hell??? and it also was on all 7001 models I checked. I did not check this on 6001 and 7002.
The last thing is not good or bad - it is just how it is - to go to 7.1 direct mode your remote has to be in AMP mode, to get out of this mode your remote also has to be in AMP mode. So if you are listening to 7.1 direct to switch to radio you will have to push button '7.1 direct mode' to get out of it and then choose new input souse you want/ For me it was not to handle....

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