Marantz SR5005 A/V Receivers

Marantz SR5005 A/V Receivers 


  • Clean, Precise & Inviting Design
  • iPod/iPhone, USB and Bluetooth
  • M-DAX2 for Improved Compressed Music
  • Audyssey Automated Setup


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[Jun 01, 2011]

I've been nothing but impressed with this unit, especially at the price it was. Since upgrading to Blu-ray, I needed something to replace my system I was very fond of, to process the new uncompressed surround modes such as DTS HD Master and True HD. The system I replaced was a B&K Reference 50. I was using a 5.0 setup with Polk SDA CRS as front 2 speakers running off of a Carver TFM-42, and a Carver AV-634 driving the rear 2 NHT Super Zero's, and the rear 2 channels driving 2 Polk Monitor 5's for the center. You can imagine all the amp switching, etc needed to be done to power up/down, switching modes, etc. So with this, it uses HDMI 1.4, which switches some things automatically. Also, I was amazed at how much power it has, and how good of a natural sound comes from the built in amp, so much so, I pulled out the 2 carver amps, so no more having to switch them off/on (wife is happy). The FM receiver pulls stations better than any other tuner I've used, such as a carver tuner, and the B&K, and also has the best sound from the tuner. This unit does not have an FM HD Tuner, I just couldn't justify paying $150 more for that. I've heard that the quality from regular FM is still better because the Digital FM is just not good enough. I did also add a subwoofer to this new system, so am running it at 5.1 mode. And the USB iPod port in the front is very convenient, no more adapters. The Audyssey set up is very, very nice. It sets it up perfectly, and it's all automated, just move the microphone around to 6 locations and save the results. Sweet! And it also has direct mode so I can play Mozart, Country, rock, etc through my front Polk SDA CRS's from my Yamaha CD player. The unit does need some room around it to breathe, the protection breaker kicked off once, since then it has not. I did by a small equipment fan to place on it, but haven't used it yet. At one time it blew, was when playing it in direct mode through my Polk SDA's, and I was really cranking it up when testing after the install. Now these Polks are 6 ohms, so that will push the amp's current. But I'm not a loud player, but more of a good volume quality listener, so I don't foresee it being a problem. If I do, I got a couple 2 channel carver amps laying around (TFM-42 and TFM-55). So now I move the B&K in the basement sound system. The B&K is just too good of a pre-amp to put to waste (sold the old carver C-20v). So that's now feeding my Carver TFM-55 to some nice big Polk SDA II's (original II's). My wife thinks I'm crazy with this stuff, and didn't want all these speakers and such, but since putting it all in, I haven't heard any complaints, and when I ask her how she likes it, she says be be quiet, I'm enjoying listening to it. I've really never heard this type of quality come from something with a built in amp before.

60" BRAVIA NX801 Series HDTV
Sony BDP-S470 Blu-ray Disc Player
Yamaha CD Player CDC-675
Marantz SR5005
Atlantic Technology 224SB Subwoofer
Polk Audio SDA-CRS speakers (front)
Polk Audio Montior 5 speaker (center)
NHT Super Zero speakers (rear)

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