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theatrejunkie   AudioPhile [Nov 25, 2003]

70watts of true high current! Sub sounds great for it's size! Build quality is Denon Solid!


The speaker wire that comes with this system must be replaced with at least 16guage or less! Buy a 3 meter Monster Cable for the sub for $39.99 or less. This will make a big difference in overall performance!

The price above reflects the Denon 483-DHT (HT in a Box)w/Denon 100wt speakers x 5 and a 55wt sub along with the receiver ofcourse. The 483 is the samething as the 1403 other than the surround sound speaker inputs are spring loaded rather than the 1403 has screw down terminals on all 5 speaker inputs. With that said, it's identical to that of the 1403 and you can save $100.00 or so on the receiver! The Speakers are approximately 4 1/2x 7in with a 3in woofer and 1in" tweeter. For their size they sound very good if not excellent! The 55wt sub provides more LFE than you need for what you pay for! It has a six in" down firing woofer with a fairly deep cabinet for excellent deep bass. Remember, my reviews are always based on what your receiving for the price you pay. The Ultimate Electronics SP said it's by far their best performer right out of the box but not the best seller due to the fact that most people that are looking to purchase a Home Theater in a box are not educated to high end brand names such as Denon,Krell,Bob Carver etc... hence the slow sales for this item. The "Home Theater in A Box customer" is more familiar with main stream brand names like Sony, Yamaha, Kenwood you know the rest. So here they see a Home Theater in the Box by a brand name their really not that familiar with that retails @ $700.00 and they think by spending the equal with Sony's Dream system thier getting a much better deal. So... that explains the slow retail sales on this unit. I told the Sales Person all he had to do to validate the brand Denon is to take the customer into the "High End Room" and let them taste the 3803 or for absolution, maybe the Flagship 5803 and then you'd think it's a no brainer? Well, thats not reality. They want "The Dream System" it's a Sony of course! It's got to be good if not the best to the main stream customer right? WRONG! But never the less, Denon does'nt claim to focus it's targeted customer on a HT in a box now do they? Their a seperate's company for those of us that want the BEST. Now ofcourse their High End products still have very competitive products from other high end brands, but if your a Denon fan as I am. The Denon 483-DHT without a doubt to anybody's ear from a novice to a HT junkie simply out performs any of the Sony HT's in a box and just about any other brand for that matter. Yamaha does have a really good rival at about the same price that sounds pretty good. As I say in all my reviews, it's all an opinion anyway. There is no wrong or right. I bought this system for my Master Bedroom and is my 2nd HT in my home. My main system is my pride and joy! Read my review on the Denon avr-3802 for my main system. No, it's not the best, but it's pretty darn impressive for my listening area! Im a Denon fan all the way and have been for a long time. If you can find this system for under $500.00 your getting a great product for the value versus price paid! Shop around on eBay, you"ll find one for less than that probably. Denon doe's make a couple of higher end HT's in a box if your wanting more, just do a search on eBay on Denon under Home Theater Packages. Buy a seperate DVD player if you can afford it as most of the receivers with built in DVD players average around 30 watts x 5 with a 55watt sub. You can get a Denon seperate DVD player for $200.00 or less. (The 900 for instance). Also, Sony's entry level DVD players are well worth the money! Hope this review helps some of you! Thanks for taking time out of your day to educate yourself, as I always read the reviews off this site for help!

Similar Products Used: Lots of Denon receivers of all types, 2 channel etc...
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