B&K Components AVR-505 A/V Receivers

B&K Components AVR-505 A/V Receivers 


  • AUDIO/Surround Sound Processing
  • Surround Outputs 8
  • Number of Zones A/V 2
  • Number of Amp Channels 7


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[Sep 03, 2007]
perfect pitch


Powerful but clear sound reproduction even at low volume

Remote will actually really & truly operate all your peripherals (when programmed on PC and beamed to remotes).

Connect to your PC and you can download upgrades/patches to its software.

Heavy duty - you are NOT going to cook this puppy even with multiple 3 and 4 ohm speakers - it can drive them and then some, and do so clearly.

Plenty of connection options.

All parts independantly upgradable - perhaps the last receiver you will ever need.

Can be tweked to the minutest detail if one has such an inclination.


Weighs a ton, over 50 lbs, but then again anything with this type of power does.

Runs hot - you could make grilled cheese on top of it but I don't recommend doing so. Keep toddlers away from this thing, and if you live in Florida in July, run the air. Do not place it under anything meltable or flammable - give it plenty of air space.

Your electric bill is going to go up. Unplug when not in use, like when you're at work. Really.

To get the best out of it, you need to connect to your PC, IMHO, so if you are computer illiterate it will be merely excellent, as opposed to superb.

If you're expecting to just turn it on and not tweak anything, this is not for you - this is for the person who seeks to maximize their sound experience and isn't afraid to adjust and save settings to do so.

This is an audiophile's receiver - the manual is written by sound engineers for owners who know and care about all this stuff. Recommend you know something about dynamic range.

Website is easier to understand than user manual for non-audiophiles.

While the remote works perfectly, your spouse who is now in the habit of using 3 or 4 of them with their eyes closed may not take the time to navigate the screens on the remote that comes with the receiver (i.e. they have misplaced their reading glasses or are just too plain lazy to look at it).

For home theatre, this can't be beat. Reproduces stereo audio recordings impressively (although I'm still partial to tubes and even old low wattage vintage 70's solid state receivers and 4 speaker pseudo-quad for this purpose).

Built like a tank, with ample power to drive such a ridiculous set up as surround using Cerwin Vega Re 38's. Who does that? No one - not even me anymore because there is far better to be had, but just in case you wanted to open your own rave club in your basement, you probably could. In fact, it drives CV Re 38's and a Kliptch 12" sub with clarity. Upgrade to Definitive Technologies SuperTowers w/ their own internal amps and subs and a SuperCube sub like I just did and now you're really cookin'. Clarity. Real warm clarity. Ummmmmmmm.

I'm fond of clear, warm and deep midrange, warm bass, and clear but not tinny highs without having to go past noon. If you are too, then get this receiver. It reproduces sound very "purely" as it was recorded even at lower volume levels. SACD's sound better than vinyl, because if your vinyl is not pristine every snap crackle pop comes through (vinyl people, try McIntosh tube 2 channel stereo).

It can also be tweaked a million ways from Sunday to perfect your sound for just the media you're playing and just the room size/sound environment you're in. And you can save your settings.

Comes with a remote that when programed via your PC actually will fully operate every piece of equipment you have - a big plus.

Can be programmed/set up/tweaked via connecting to PC OR on screen of television OR on its own screens using remote - but PC really works best.

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