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DiVA AVR350 Receiver

Arcam introduces the DiVA AVR350, the company’s highest performing home cinema receiver to date, with many new features derived from development work on the $5749 award-winning FMJ AV9.

The AVR350 delivers marked improvements in real audiophile sound quality for movies and music. A huge new toroidal transformer improves bass timing and control, Arcam's proprietary 'Mask of Silence' technologies, particularly Stealth Mat, improve the top-end clarity and new op-amps from Burr Brown, taken from the company’s world-class AVP700 pre-amp/ processor, improve the midrange.

The AVR350 builds on the AVR300’s remarkable sound quality by offering better imaging, rhythm stability and delivering increased levels of fine detail.
The AVR350 is an additional model expanding the AVR range and retails for $2499.

• Best ever sounding receiver from Arcam
• 2-way HDMI switching
• 7 x 100 watts per channel continuous power output (all channels driven)
• Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, DTS 24/96 & Dolby Pro logic IIx decoding
• HDTV compatible component / RGB switching
• Composite and S-video up conversion to component or RGB
• Second zone output with audio and video

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shark777   AudioPhile [May 30, 2009]

This is the best sounding AVR I have ever heard in my life period.I have heard and owned them all from NAD,Rotel,Yammy,Denon,Marantz,Onkyo ect.This unit replaced a great Harman Kardon AVR-340 and a NAD C272 Power Amp combo and it eceeded it beyond my wildest expectations.Sheer power and warmth and it has that "IT" sound everybody wants.I paid $1,100 for this awsome reciever and it is worth every penny.If you go on Google you will see countless raves about this reciever and they are all correct.Nad,Rotel,Denon, and Marantz are all fine products but this just takes you to a whole other level.It reeks of quality construction throughout.Arcam left out the the Auto Speker set up MIC/ feature to concentrate on other things that are more important such as the killer components inside.I have a SPL from Radio Shack that did the Speaker setup with ease so this was not a problem for me.I also saw significant impovent in the video department with improved picture.My 5.1 for movies has never sounded better.The 2 Channel stereo analog with turntable is suberb and the CD with Digital Cable is the best I have ever heard.At one point these listed for around $2800 but can be had for a fraction of that price now.A must buy for those who want superb 2CH and HT as well.

Paul G.   AudioPhile [Nov 16, 2007]

Very warm sounding which I like.
Sub woofer output is louder than any receiver that I've had. I have to turn it down on the receiver.
Simple and a great remote, very well laid out.
Sound quality
Excellant build.



I was looking for sound quality above all. Two channel music without the sub woofers and of course movies.
I've been getting upset with all the home theatre changes in the past few years with HDMI 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3a. And I can't see this ending soon either. Anyways I run my DVD and Satellite directly to my TV.
The build and sound quality are excellant. Far better than my Denon 3805 receiver.
I actually hear my surround speakers now. The adjustments range from -10 to +10. Thats 20 points to find the correct loudness.
The new Denon receivers for 2007-08 don't have the sound quality. Just the flagship receiver which costs over $5000.00 and takes a huge space. They have fancier set-ups with the microphones but thats what you are paying for.

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