Anthem Statement D1 A/V Preamplifier

Anthem Statement D1 A/V Preamplifier 


  • Dual Motorola® DSP Engines
  • Nine High-End Components in One
  • Preamplifier
  • 24-bit/192-kHz Precision Upsampler
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
  • Surround-Sound Processor (SSP)
  • HDTV Video Switcher
  • Multiroom/Whole-House Entertainment Control Center
  • Built-in FM/AM Tuner
  • Headphone Preamplifier
  • Dual 3Mbit 8ns External Cache Memory
  • Four-Layer Hand-Designed Motherboard
  • Independant Digital Audio Board
  • State-of-the-Art Video-Switching Circuitry
  • Massive Toroidal Power Supplies
  • Designed and Built in North America


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    [Nov 24, 2010]
    Jim P
    Audio Enthusiast

    This review is for the Anthem Statement D2 With ARC pre-amp processor.
    1st off this pre/pro really needs to be professionally setup. I did it myself but it took me weeks to get it right. To get the best sound you should use the Room correction software and microphone stand. I updated the Anthem online. The owners manual is HUGE. The setup was almost beyond this audio enthusiast. The sound before and after adjusting settings and room correction was very different. Most noticable in my room was an even bass to main transition, measured on a non corrected ol Radio Shack spl meter. By the This due to my room so this may or may not make a difference in your room. The build quality is very good with heavy guage steel and brushed aluminium. You had better have a heavy duty equipment rack as it's fairly heavy and wide.
    The first thing we noticed was how quiet it is. Dynamic swings are superb and huge! I've played with and used quite a few A/V receivers. The receivers used before are from Denon,Yamaha and Sony. All of them sounded good for the money but were not nearly as relaxed or quiet. Lots of receivers will sound exciting with more slammin bass and crisp(y) treble. Not here! The hardest thing for me to describe is how easy and relaxed music is,or how natural voices are. In daily use my family has no problems using the Anthem as its really simple to use in daily operations.
    In 2 channel mode the sound is enveloping with lots of spatial cues even to the sides and back at times. I listen to a lot of orchestral and chamber music. One of the hardest things for the Equipment(from front end to back end) to do is seperate the strings clearly(imho). The viola sections will sound just like the violins on cheaper equipment. If the recording is good each instrument is distinct and the music instruments will exhibit their normal timbre. Speaking of the recording quality and this is big depending on what kind of music you listen to can be ruthless!!!! If a cd or dvd is recorded well its amazing! If the recording is poor you WILL notice. Perhaps this is why some people don't or didn't like the Anthem Because it is so revealing. Sometimes I think that some true audiophiles limit their music choices down to recording qualty. I'm kinda spoiled as I play violin and viola and know all the orchestral instruments fairly well. Thie Anthem is superb and reveals all of the music. So down to movies which is what this does best! To test the looks of the processor I used a favorite of A/V shops, 2012. This is in my opinion a very poorly done movie EXCEPT for the audio and video. The video is all money shot with extreme detail free of any visual artifacts The sound is excellent with great surround. The feeling is very enveloping. Spatial cues will have you turning your head and looking. There is a presence this system commands and I mean that when music or movies are on your attention will be like a moth to the flame. The Eagles Hell Freezes Over is a favorite DVD and the upscaling from the Anthem is remarkable. Again the video quality is superb. The audio layers just pop out. I'm not saying all your Standard dvd's will look like a Blue Ray but you might not feel the need to get the BD version of your existing DVD's. I've never seemed to find a receiver or seperate that did BOTH movies/entertainment and music. I highly recommend this piece of equipment if you have the related components to match. YMMV but this system is a must listen. No quality issues so far. My equipment used is listed below and hopefully i didnt miss too much in the review... I'm an orchestral musician not a technical guy.

    Anthem Statement D2 W/ARC
    Anthem A5 amp
    Paradigm Studio 100 mains
    Paradigm CC690 center
    Paradigm Mini monitors for RR C LR
    paradigm servo 15 sub
    Musical Fidelity X-Ray CDP and power supply
    Panasonic 46" Plasma HDTV
    Rotel power center RLC 1040
    Audioquest cables/wires
    Room is large 20X25 and carpeted

    [May 25, 2009]
    Casual Listener

    sorry for my english
    sucked by hype again
    I was impresive with the DAC AKM 4395, Wima capacitor and OPA2132 ...
    But the sound quality is just normal
    Very similar to denon 3802
    I owned Rotel 1068 and Nuforce AVP 16 and anthem D1 is the worst
    beleive it or not
    It sound better with Toshiba DVD player but it sound terrible with Pionerr and Denon DVD player
    Anthem: what a shamful name

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