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Lee Baker   Audiophile [Oct 12, 2000]

This device is somewhat unique in its ability to learn the more complex IR codes used by some manufacturers. Excellent battery life.


The buttons are still based on the "conductive coated rubber" manufacturing process and therefore "wear out". The range is shorter than expected.

This device is quite a bargain bang for the buck. Its ability to learn every IR code that I threw at it was impressive. With the exception of the FSR learning remote control system and Crestron/AMX deluxe systems, this is the first device I've run across that would learn the 'long' IR 'words' that some Sharp, Philips, Eiki, and other products use...and its a hand held device! Not even in the same catagory as Crestron & AMX/Panja. I'm sure other manufactures are following up with products that have this ability, but for now, this is the only hand held product I've seen capable of learning any code for any device.
The macro ability is superior as well. The longest macro I tested was about 12 steps, and as long as the remote was in a position to transmit to all the devices clearly, worked perfectly. The range of the remote was less than expected, but more than adequate for any living room space. I wish the device had a better method of labeling custom buttons and better button durability. For the price of about $70 retail, its still worth it. Afterall, even if the buttons do wear out after a year or so, you'll be ready for a new remote by then anyway. The device I tested was white with colored buttons so even though there was no back lighting, it was still usable in "TV Light". I would imaging that the black finish wouldn't be as easy to see in low light.
Lee Baker

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Dino Theo   an Audiophile [Mar 16, 1999]

This is a great remote for the price. It has no preprogrammed codes. It doesn't have many buttons, but it is relatively inexpensive at $59. This was my first learning remote and I still enjoy it very much. I have it now in my bedroom. A Marantz RC2000 replaced it in my home theater only because the Marantz has more buttons not more features. It is definately rather spartan especially ergonomically, but it works great. If you don't need tons of buttons this is the remote for you. I feel that its macro functionality is superior to that of the Marantz. I will give it a 4 based on my comparison below...PROS:
- Macros, macros, macros
- PRICE!!!!
- Small
- Well laid out, not difficult to learn to use without looking at it.

- No backlight
- Few buttons
- Selector switch feels flimsy


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