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[Oct 02, 2002]
Audio Enthusiast


beauty open air design stability strength tripod design versatility (modular) vibration isolation weight


all glass is delicate moving it (don't) rear, center leg can hinder wiring retail price ($1999.95, NOT $109) spikes can damage floors wire management

The Millenium Hi-Fi is one of the best equipment racks I have ever seen or dreamed of owning, especially for the acquired price. The shelves are 3/4" thick glass and are rated to hold up to 150 lbs. each. The three legs are tubular steel (champaign or black) which can be sand or lead filled. Before filling the legs, the rack weighs almost 50 lbs. per level or about 150 lbs. for the four levels that I use. Consequently, it is very stable. The legs have bases with stainless steel floor spikes for vibration damping. Since it is a modular rack, the bottom 3 levels have metal divets to hold the spikes of the level above. The three leg design assures that the rack will never wobble on uneven floors, but the rear, center leg can get in the way of connections to large devices (amps mostly). Even with the center leg, this was one of the only racks large enough to house my amp (17" wide, 19" deep, and 80 lbs.). Most other racks were too shallow and/or (with glass shelves) could not support more than 50 lbs. per shelf. The exterior dimension of each shelf is closely 24" square and all four levels stacked measure 48" high (with legs of 4", 10", 10", 14"). The spikes at the base of each of the legs is meant to isolate each level from vibration, but living in a less than silent apartment and having nothing to measure against, I cannot review the damping ability of this rack. I can comment that this is a very solid rack and extraneous sounds (rattles, resonances, etc.) are not induced on the rack from a thundering HT system. The spikes, along with the weight of the rack, work very well to prevent the rack from moving once set up, although moving the rack means disassembling/removing every component beforehand. Another minor issue with the floor spikes (and the weight again) is that the spikes can damage wooden or soft material floors. Place a dime under each spike point to prevent this type of damage. Wire management is non-existent, but this only adds to the artistic and minimalistic appeal of this rack. The lack of wire management also allows for an open design, offering optimum circulation around heat producing components. The tri-tubular leg design along with the thick glass shelving creates an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, one which is quite contemporary and compliments the prestigious audio equipment it holds. This is a high-end rack to house

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