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Electrical contact cleaning pad

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Pigman   an Audio Enthusiast [Jun 08, 1999]

You may be surprised that I would post a review for a cleaning pad, but this product is far more than just a cleaning pad. It:Improves the picture from your TV & VCR
Improves the sound from your stereo
Gives you longer life for all batteries
Gives you optimized computer performance
The first thing you may (or may not think) think is crap, this thing decreases my bass and treble what a waste of money. And it feels oily and smells. But wait about a week and you'll notice that it improves your midrange, instrument details, cleanliness and overall roominess to your music. And I don't know if this was from me getting use to the way my music now sounded but I swear the treble was back up to par and the bass although lacking in weight was much tighter. And for only $2.00 Canadian its probably the most cost effective tweak out there. An excellent product.

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