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AD-90 Aucoustic Dynamic Tape

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willdav713   AudioPhile [Dec 18, 2008]

High Midrange, easy on the treble. Low Noise.
Excellent uses:
FM Stereo

Top 40


Not enough eveness on the Bass, not enough on the treble either.

Although this tape has been discontinued in 1992, these tapes resurface on ebay and are hard to find. The 1987 AD cassette will be the one I am refering to. Around 1991 in Windsor Park Mall in San Antonio, Texas in Montgomery Wards Music Express I came across this true tape of a gem, the AD or Acoustic Dynamic Cassette. I was 11 back then and wanted something to record songs off my brand new 5 disc Sony Carosel CD player that was hooked up to my (don't laugh) Soundesign turntable am/fm cassette recorder with Acoustic Dynamic speakers which happen to be made that same year as the AD cassette I was about to purchase seeking compability, I purchased a 2 pack of AD60 tapes for about $2. I recorded some oldies tunes, and the Simpsons Sing the Blues. Good Midrange and not treble laden like the other tapes which is not bad with the Auto Rec Level control which I strongly avoid nowadays. A friend of mine borrowed it and after we got into a fight he never gave me the tape back. Been looking for one of those tapes ever since. In 2005 I bought 5 of them for $25 as a winnng bidder on ebay. they go for $8 to $10 a piece on ebay so I got a good deal. They sound even better when recording Electronic, House, and Rock tracks hooking a JVC dual cassette tape deck using a y-cable to the PC. Highly recommended for MP3s, FM Stereo.

Customer Service

Discontinued, TDK needs to bring back their Labortory Standard Cassettes as a Retro series. They only sell their D line was is better than Maxell's UR which sounds processed. AD fans please write TDK!!!!

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