Ringmat Developments, UK Special Anniversary Edition Turntable Mat Others

Ringmat Developments, UK Special Anniversary Edition Turntable Mat Others 


Lowers Background Noise, Boosts Detail

  • Replace your turntable mat with a Ringmat, and enjoy better LP sound. Ringmat allows for improved tracking plus reduced stylus wear and record wear.
  • Use Ringmat, and you''ll also enjoy lower background noise with a cleaner, crisper, yet more delicate sound, together with a wider and deeper soundstage. Just place Ringmat on top of your turntable platter, and you''re ready to go. It couldn''t be easier to use!


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    [Oct 14, 2007]
    Kay-Uwe Goetz
    Audio Enthusiast


    Crisper sound, wider soundstage, improved bass performance, easy to apply. Comparisons before/after can be easily done.


    Wife acceptance factor: Don't tell her the price until she has heard the difference ;-)

    Seems to be a delicate piece of equipment. Made mostly of paper/card and not even the middle hole is protected. Has a tendency to stick to the disc in case of static electricity. This might lead to damages in the long run.

    I've compared the Ringmat Anniversary Edition on my LP12, Valhalla, Ittok LV III, Eroica LX to the original Linn felt mat. First of all let me say: This is no voodoo. The difference in sound is striking and immediately perceptible.The Ringmat brings out a lot of detail, opens the soundstage and makes a "leaner" low range. Voices are clearer and the singer seems to make one or two steps forward towards the listener. I would say, the difference in sound is bigger than between two cartridges in a similar price range.

    Whether one likes this or not is a matter of taste. I appreciate this new sound and decided to keep it.

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