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richt torr   Audiophile [Jan 15, 2002]

powerfull & superfast in the transients.
powerfull as a solid state device but with warmth & tube sounding!


no bias adjust for user & speaker terminals breaks off very easily!

excellent amplifier powerfull & solid as a brickwall.

if you want more details in the music ,try it on triode mode
you loose more than 45 % of power but becomes very transparent.

if you eliminate the negative feedback , the amp becomes completly transparent & natural!!

thr best transformers ever made<<

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mk   an Audio Enthusiast [Aug 25, 1997]

oh-kay. Why are there no Mcintosh reviews? Just a tantalizing question.
This thing cost me $3500, the second cost $3200. They're both obviously the commemorative issue versions. Anyway, I have had this thing for several months and I love it. It's not the best amp in the world, but man, you'll love it if you get one. I just got another one and using 'em as monos, man that really blows yer socks off. I could hear analog-esque (not analog at all, I am an avid LP listener) from a CD. It seems that my using balanced cables helped,, but not enough. Maybe because I used Synergistic Research RCA Interconnects and used some $200 balanced cables.

Although there might've been a little discrepancy in extreme ranges, the smooth and clear sound of this amp is great. The power is not lacking either, considering I have two, and am using Tannoy 615's.

If you can find one of these, buy it!!!

Associated Equipment:

McIntosh C-22 (re-issue) Preamp & C-35 Preamp

Audiolab 8000CD CD-Player

Tannoy 615 Loudspeakers

MIT Terminator 2 Bi-wire Spkr Cable

Tributaries RCA Interconnects

Monster Cable Studio Balanced Interconnects

Mcintosh MR 73 Tuner

Pioneer RT-1020L Reel to reel Tape Deck

An old Rotel Turntable that I wasted too much money on with tonearms and cartridges.

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