MB Quart QP-200 Others

MB Quart QP-200 Others 


Nice basic headphone.


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[Feb 09, 1999]
an Audio Enthusiast

About 2 months ago when I got these cans. I was stunned. In my personal opinion, these phones beat the Sennheiser HD565 Ovation just like that... and this was 3 times cheaper (In FIM) than the Sennie. It doesn't require hi-quality amp to sound good, it just adds some more detail to the sound... and compared to grado's SR-60.. This doesn't sound so boomy and this doesn't feel like a screwdriver's being put into your head. Tho it does sound a bit boomy if connected direct to discman or some other portable eq or directly to computer but it doesn't disturb as much as it does on the grado's... These are really comfy and when I'm writing this I've kept these on for about 4.5hrs without any hotspots. These are really lightweight (220gr w/o the 3m cord...) It has 6.5mm plug and within it (it can be screwed off) is other, the smaller 3.5mm plug. The cord feels a bit thin but I couldn't see any cord-created disturbances in the sound... IF your budget is under 70$. You just cant beat the MB-Quart QP-200. Go buy it... NOW! (Forget the headroom's shit about Grado's SR-60 being good.. it really isn't. It feels so uncomfortable that you really cant listen to them more than 20 minutes at a time... and these sound much more neutral and these give much larger freq.response.) (5 stars in this pricerange, 4 compared to other more expensive eq.)

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