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Ian   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 25, 2001]



Unreliable, cheesy, frustrating, worthless junk.

This deck is absolute garbage. I have repeatedly had it "crash" on me (it will shut off after inserting a tape, and won't play-FF-RW, just shut down).
I run a production facility for a Broadcast Network Affiliate, and this was the wrong corner to cut. I rue the day that I was suckered into using this thing.
Do yourselves a favor and stay well away from this product-and if there are any JVC reps out there worth their salt, let them post a reply and explain to me why my facility is currently idle while I try to find a new (NON-JVC!) deck. This has cost me more time and lost revenue to justify the voracity of my post. STAY AWAY!!!

Similar Products Used: Beta, 3/4, DVCAM, MiniDV
Steen Larsen   an Audio Enthusiast [Aug 23, 1999]

I have had a Super VHS system for around 8 years which consists of JVS's old success S-VHS-C camcorder GRS 707 and the advanced S-VCR player JVC HR-8000 (Please do not ask what I originally paid for it, or I will break down and cry!). Both are PAL units as they were bought when I lived in Europe. I have had the camcorder with me on numerous travels in the US and abroad, and it is still working just fine (Try to find a newer standard VHS camcorder that can beat that! - I have had 3 different NTSC standard VHS camcorders in the last 6 years that all have broken down just when the warranty had expired). When recently my third camcorder gave up its spirit, I was out (again) looking for a new camcorder. I was interested in the new digital models, but even the price level now is reasonable for the cheapest models, they could not beat a $300 deal on an open box JVC Super-VHS-C camcorder. Only caviat, I needed a NTSC S-VHS player also. So I left the store and continued my hunt for an unspecified camcorder at the other big discount video/audio store across the road. They got this JVC HR-S3600U unit as an open box buy for $ 250. What a luck, and that settled the case. I bought it, and immediately rushed back and got the previous mentioned S-VHS camcorder. A complete S-VHS system for $ 550!
Actually new S-VHS units, camcorders and VCR's, have come far down in price where they easily can compete with the more expensive standard VHS models. S-VHS is a dying breed allright, but probably therefore it is now a very good deal. I can wait some more years before the digital media finally breaks through (to store 30 minutes of digital video takes around 1GB! - That doesnt work for me).
The difference between normal VHS camcorder quality and S-VHS is very significant, and in my mind definitely worth an extra hundred bucks or so, and it is still very much cheaper than the digital alternative.

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