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AH! AC Noise Killer Others 


The AH! AC Noise Killer is a small parallel-filter which is available in 2 versions. The external version is supplied with an (Euro) plug and has to be plugged into any empty ac-socket you can find in the house. The internal version can be installed in any piece of equipment. This has the advantage that the antenna-effect of the ac-cord, is filtered at the best spot.


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[Apr 16, 2001]
Audio Enthusiast


None whatsoever and I really mean that

A lot has been written and said already about the importance of clean AC for your equipment.
THE "quality" or "purity" of the electrical current is a big and often overlooked factor in a system's performance. In many instances, the treatment of the electrical current has as much impact on the sound as the interconnects and even some components. Some would argue vehemently that treating the electrical current from your wall can not be effective because the current has already passed through hundreds of miles of cheap cabling installed by the power company before it reaches your home. The same logic to why you should care about the quality of your speaker cable when the sound signal has traveled a long distance from your source component to your preamp and further to your amp would apply to the treatment of AC: because in a high resolution, high end audio system, each and every step, including the critical last step is important and affects the sound. IMHO, the proof is in the sound, and effective treatment of the electrical current has a profound impact on the sound of your system.

And that is where this little gem is coming in. I have used two of these in the spare sockets of my powerblock and the results were pretty good, especially if you take into consideration what these devices has cost me.
With these Noise Killers in place, the sound became much quiter and much more natural.
The difference with or without them is not earth-shattering big; but that being said I must admit that I would not want to play without them anymore.

They have a subtle yet desirable and 'magic' effect on the sound and they improve it in a way I would have never thought possible for so little money.

Heartily recommended to all of you therefore.
Try one out if you can in your own system; I am sure you will never regret it!

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