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Product Image
Velodyne Acoustics Optimum-8
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  1000.00
Description: The Velodyne Optimum-8s 8 driver combines with 1200W of output power and a forward-firing design to deliver full, detailed bass from a compact subwoofer that can be easily placed in a cabinet or corner without sacrificing performance. The included setup microphone can be used in conjunction with the Optimum-8s room equalization technology to customize this subs performance to the acoustic properties of your listening area. Finally, the front-panel LED display and remote control make it easy to command your bass experience. <ul> <li>8" front-firing driver with dual-layer voice coil</li> <li>Frequency response 28-120 Hz (±3dB)</li> <li>4-position phase control</li> <li>Room Bass Correction automatic equalizer</li> <li>Signal sensing auto on/off</li> </ul>


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