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Product Image
Mission 78DS Main / Stereo Speaker
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  699.00
Description: The 78ds offers high definition loudspeakers in an elegant and visually attractive package. Behind the beauty of styled and crafted enclosures lies the result of much skilful and creative engineering. The design solutions employed within the 78ds are novel, while the manufacturing techniques are advanced. The 78ds is fitted with bi-polar driver configuration for Diffuse Surround distribution throughout the rear of the room that mimics the multi-speaker arrays fitted to movie theatres for optimum surround sound dispersion. The 78ds can be attractively wall or shelf mounted either on the rear or side walls of the room and gives a great combination of reproduction of diffuse Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound and discrete rear channel effects for Dolby Digital and DTS sources.


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