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Product Image
Jamo Concert C 807
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  449.88
Description: Add a melodic voice to your home theater. The Jamo C807 floor standing speaker pairs an active midrange and tweeter with a passive woofer to produce authentic acoustics. Engineered for precision, the Hard Conical Cone and Active Impedance Correction reduce distortion. Decoupled Tweeter Technology improves clarity in the highest frequencies. The C807 is ideal whether youre creating a surround system, or just setting up stereo sound. The C 807 is an exceptionally melodic speaker. The C 807 is the natural choice of front speaker in any high-end surround system. Yet it can also deliver a great musical experience performing as a stereo speaker – either with or without the C 80 SUB.


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