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Product Image
Hitachi 42HDT52 42 in. HDTV Plasma TV
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MSRP  39.00
Description: Experience the high performance and refined aesthetics of the UltraVision® CineForm 42 Plasma HDTV. Distinct in design, it features innovative Hitachi technologies. The New VirtualHD 1080p II Video Processor analyzes and optimizes every video frame and combines with ALiS technology that produces over one million pixels for a brighter, smoother and more film-like picture. The Illuminated Roll and Click Remote and Learning AV Net IV combine to provide ease of channel navigation and the power to control your entire home theatre system. The HDT52 series delivers the ultimate in convenience with the TV Guide On Screen® Interactive Program Guide providing superior program accessibility. The 42HDT52 is an intelligent blend of superior design and technology.


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