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Product Image
Harmonic Technology Pro-11 Plus
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  700.00
Description: Harmonic Technology's Pro-11 Plus speaker cable is an 11 AWG internal mono-wire single crystal cable. The Pro-11 Plus has won the Golden Ear Award from Absolute Sound and is also listed in Stereophile's Guide to Recommended Components. The Pro-11 Plus is a reference speaker cable that easily beats the competitive cables in neutrality, clarity and soundstage transparency. Imaging is holographic, with inter-note silence that has to be heard to fully appreciate. The midrange is spookily real, with the full harmonic richness of a live concert. Harmonic Technology highly recommends the use of the Pro-11 Plus speaker cables for any system, as its accuracy with benefit any combination of components and speakers.


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