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Definitive Technology BP2000 Speaker
74 Reviews
rating  4.24 of 5
MSRP  3000.00
Description: 4-17cm cast basket, bass/midrange drivers, 2-25mm pure aluminum dome tweeters, 1-15" subwoofer driver.


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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by crafted32 a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: March 17, 2011

Bottom Line:   
Definitive Technology BP2000 are power craving.

these are not the speakers ever to be run by any high-street or high end 100watt amps . they begin to sing and come to life when to the least bear minimum of solid 200watt rms (no best buy or common high street stuff) is fed into them and played at above 80 decibels. u will be in the heaven of clean crisp and distortionless sound. i have had klipsch chorus II and they were amazing too. i have had the experience with Klipschorns as well. Klipsch heritage series is amazing and beautiful and is capable of making the music sing even at lower decibels of sound with considerable 100watt rms solid state amps. But chorus IIs or klipschorn might sound to some harsh and forward sounding with improper amplification but still they are amazing nevertheless. Whereas underpowered amplification will make BP2000s sound flat, lifeless and dull. I would not compare BP2000s to B&W coz I don't have any experience of B&Ws with 15" or dual 10" woofers. I have had in my possession a B&W pair with dual 8" woofers each. They sounded ethereal but still I would not compare them with BP2000s coz no matter how nice & great my B&Ws sounded they lacked in thrust and presence. I didn't mention the B&W model on purpose so as to avoid any misleading cues.
BP2000 for their price were excellent with both music and movies provided if one could afford to feed them with minimum 200watt rms quality amps or above.
Definitive Technology BP2000 build quality is stiff, sturdy and heavy.

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Used product for:   More than 1 year

Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

Product model year:   1999

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by james a AudioPhile

Date Reviewed: September 23, 2010

Bottom Line:   
Definitve, now more than ever, is the red-headed step-child of this industry. Consistently producing products that are lauded by critics and enthusiasts alike, and now being sold by the likes of (boo, hiss) best buy, it's easy to see why the snobbish, predictable, "phile" crowd denounce their very existence and scoff at the idea that anyone with any sense would consider such a purchase for a serious music rig,

Of course reality dictates a different take. The BP 2000, now 15+ years old, still puts most comparably (and many significantly higher) priced loudpseakers to shame. If you can lose or even consider the losing the pin-point imaging delivered from typical front-radiating designs, you will enjoy other sonic virtues in spades.

They'll play oppressively loud for the SPL-heads, they'll deliver the crucial male (and female) midrange and salient highs that the more crtical listeners are looking for, and finally, they'll bring all of the dynamic punch and power everyone is looking for in a top-flight HT.

Crucially, if you truly believe in the mantra that there's "great music speakers and great home theater speakers but not both", clearly you have never heard a speaker on par with the 2000's (or DT's 7000's) and/or are simply undivorceable from the idea that great sound reproduction MUST contain razor-sharp imagaing.

Of course real sound contains nothing of the sort (razor-sharp imaging) and you won't find the 2000's doin' it either.

You can find these for $1000 a pair and even less in some cases, which is an outright steal in my book. The cast aluminum baskets, butyl surrounds, and homopolymer drivers are built for the long haul. I had to re-epoxy my sub-surrounds after 15 years, but what do you want? It took 20 minutes total and they are now like-new.

No wood-exposed cabinets to get chipped/marred either...socks are easily re-ordered (and replaced) to bring up to like-new shape- ditto for the gloss caps Granted, they are hardly rectangular picassos, but that's not why I bought them.

Rarely does a product come along that I can recommend with virtually zero reservation. This is one of those occasions. If you care about music and how it SOUNDS, and are lucky enough to find a pair that have been cared for, I will guarantee you that you won't walk away from these considering what they can be had for.

A testament to the fact that the old really can compete with the new within this corridor of the hobby.

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Used product for:   More than 1 year

Duration Product Used:   AudioPhile

Product model year:   1995

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by joe fuca a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: August 9, 2002

Bottom Line:   
I was so afraid to get these speakers at $500 a pair in mint form from a nice 72 year old man with All the trash spoked about these speakers.The way i looked at it is there is no way the can sound that bad.I am so Glad i bought them. I have been fighting a bass problem in my theater area,,,no bass in the sweet spot. If you wan bass,go in the kitchen.I tried,,Klipsch Chourus II, Lascala,Polk Monitor 10,Vintage JBL l220's, all sound nice in a different room,,THESE Speakers DId it for me,, i am done with this room.BAss is excellent and tight,Bids are smooth the tweets could be a little brighter "for me" but the nices Theater sound i can find for the cash.ALL you Fools Buying these speakers and talking trash about them,,Did you listed to them before you bought them???who buys a car without a test drive!!!!!! GO buy your speakers from the Guys in the white van!!!!!!!

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Used product for:   Less than 1 month

Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

Product model year:   1995

Price Paid:    $500.00

Purchased At:   newspaper

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Julia Basso a Audiophile

Date Reviewed: October 20, 2001

Bottom Line:   
First of all, I'm a neutral reviewer for this product as I'm currently not using the BP2000. I have used the BP3000tl for several years and now using the B&W Nautilus 802.

Let me just say that I regret my decision to switch to the B&W 802 for the reasons described below. My other gears are:

Preamp: McIntosh C42 Control Centre
Power amp: Bryston 14B ST
Wires and interconnects: MIT S330 and Kimber Cable 8TC.
Denon AVR 5800 (for HT)
Still using my other def tech surround speakers.

The 802 has a nice soundstage but the def tech had similar soundstage using my gears and also had a MUCH tighter bass (They were wired full range out of the Mac preamp). What made the bass on the def tech sounded impressive was the Mac's 10V rms voltage output continously plumbing out of the preamp. The highs and mids were crisp clear and smooth as well: they were bi-wired using the Kimber 8tc to the Bryston stereo power amp (500 watts x 2).

Yes, the 802 is nice too. But they can't do home threatre as well, and the def tech smoked the 802 every time I switched to movie mode (via the Denon AVR 5800 into the Mac). Secondly, if I had my music on in one room and doing some office works in another room, the 802 lost a lot of imaging but the def tech smoked the 802 once again in this area. Lastly, in comparing the 802 to the def tech, I find that the def tech is much more emotional and dynamic. It gave me a sense of sound envolopment. The 802 has slighly better details in the highs because of the B&W tweeter.

If I had to do it all over again, I would stay away from this board and not reading the kind of craps coming out of it from various amatures and audiophiles want to be and make my own dicisions instead.

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Used product for:   3 months to 1 year

Duration Product Used:   Audiophile

Product model year:   1995

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:2
Submitted by Tim a Audiophile

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2001

Bottom Line:   
Purchased new September, 2001

I have been under-whelmed by the BP2000’s for 2-channel stereo. They do not image well and are very sensitive to room placement. They are not shielded. They throw a very strong magnetic field, which distorts the color on your TV screen if the subs are faced outwards and they are less than 4 foot from the monitor (even if there is a loaded stereo rack in between the monitor and speakers). If the subs are facing inwards, it does not distort the monitor (within reasonable distance from monitor). If you have surround furniture, facing the subs inward can be problematic because the subs will be buried into the wall of the cabinet.

I have tried the BP2000’s with a $4,500 Denon AVR5800 7.1 DTE-ES Home Theater receiver (170 watts x 7, with 4 DefTech surrounds and C/L/R 3000 center) and a $20,000 Class-A 2-channel stereo system. Neither system was able to get the BP2000’s to throw a convincing soundstage. Magnepan 1.6’s throw a much wider, higher, deeper, forward soundstage for 3/5’s the cost of the BP2000’s (but no sub). I currently have the 3.6’s, but with either the 1.6’s or the 3.6’s, your ears keep telling your brain the sound is coming from everywhere but the speakers. The soundstage from the Maggies is fantastic. With the BP2000’s, your ears and brain are definitely in harmony, the sound is coming from the speakers and no place else. Being such, this probably makes them a good home theater speaker leaving any imaging up to the center and surround channels.

I called DefTech and their technical representative was very courteous and helpful. I tried his various recommendations and was able to get a better soundstage by pulling the speakers out about 4 foot from the back wall. Unfortunately this arrangement does not work well in my home theater room. Turning up the volume yields better detail, but is too loud for sustained listening and grates on the ears. Again, this might be better for Home Theater, but not for 2-channel stereo.

The BP2000’s can become very boomy, thus moderation is necessary when dialing in subwoofer levels. The subs are a bit loose. My M&K MX100 powered sub is notably tighter in comparison. I was hoping to get rid of my stand-alone sub by purchasing speakers with integrated subs. I found this not to be the case because I do not like the loose sounding bass.

In summary, 3 – C/L/R 3000 center channels would probably make for a more evenly balanced home theater front sound stage. The BP2000’s in the mix is overkill unless they could run double duty for 2-channel stereo, but I have not found this to be the case.

They do not sound like $3,000 and are definitely going bye, bye. My wife’s comment pretty well sums it up, “They probably sound good, if you don’t know any better”.

Related Equipment:

Home Theater:

Denon AVR5800 DTS-ES 7.1 receiver
Sony DVP-S7700 DVD
Rotel RCD-955AX CD
Sony SLV-696HF VCR
DefTech BP2000 front left and right
DefTech C/L/R 3000 center with powered subs
DefTech BP2X side left and right surrounds
DefTech BPVX/P back left and right surrounds with power subs
M&K MX100 powered sub
Adcom and Panamax power conditioners
Various cables and interconnects

Class-A 2-Channel Stereo:

Plinius SA100 power amp
Mark Levinson #39 CD Player
Magnepan 3.6 speakers
Equi=Tech ET2Q Balanced Power
Harmonic Tech Pro-9 Plus bi-wire cables and Magic One XLR interconnects

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Used product for:   Less than 1 month

Duration Product Used:   Audiophile

Product model year:   2000

Price Paid:    $3000.00

Purchased At:   Shelley's

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