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Product Image
Canon ZR-1000 Remote Control
0 Reviews
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MSRP  269.00
Description: Canon Digital Video CamCorders. Complementing the use of a tripod while shooting, the zoom remote controller ZR-1000 is designed to be mounted on the pan tilt lever of a tripod to facilitate basic operation of the XL1 camcorder. The remote controller which connects to the LANC terminal, enables users to select one of five fixed zoom speeds or a variable setting that makes the zoom controller pressure sensitive. In addition, the operator can also control focus. Users can also start and stop recording, place the camcorder in standby mode to conserve battery power between shots, and when connected to a TV monitor, turn the operating status display on or off. Finally, users can activate record search to move forward or backward on the tape while in record pause to confirm prerecorded shots and determine the point where recording will resume. In addition to being used with the XL1, the remote controller also supports any Canon 8mm or DV camcorder equipped with a LANC terminal.


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