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Product Image
B&K Components  Reference 200.7 7-Channel
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MSRP  2599.99
Description: Offering the same audiophile quality and even more versatility than the Reference 200.5, the Reference 200.7 has seven channels. The Reference 200.7 was designed for the newer multi-channel formats such as Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS-ES for advanced home theater applications. The Reference 200.7 is the ultimate reference amplifier for the purist home theater and\/or multi-room system. Used with a B \& K Reference 50 home theater preamplifier\/processor, it will be the heart and soul of your state-of-the-art system and will delight the most demanding audio or movie critic. Frequency Response 5Hz-45kHz Dampening Factor \(50Hz\) 450 Input Sensitivity 1.4V Input Impedance \(ohms\) 33.2k THD \(S+N\) .09\% Power Rating 8 ohms 7x200W Power Rating 4 ohms 7x375W Slew Rate 14v\/µs Amperage \(peak-to-peak\) 75 Signal to Noise Ratio, A Weighted 95dB Dynamic Headroom 1.2 dB Number of Channels 7 width 17.00\" height 7.44\" depth 19.50\"


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