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Audioplan PowerPlant 1500 U
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Description: The PowerPlant 1500 U features a new, more effective, third generation filter design. It offers two alternative outputs for use, one floating output typical for PowerPlants, the other a grounded output. Via a special switch, this enables compensation for equalizing currents between the connected component and the other components of the hi-fi system. The almost complete elimination of equalizing currents brings additional sound advantages. <P> <LI>Supply voltage: 230 V ~ <LI>Power rating: 1000 VA continuous, 1500 VA 40% ED <LI>Overload protection: - <LI>Filter: 9-level nesting <LI>Output: Switchable, floating/grounded with equipotential bonding, zero direct current <LI>Design: Hand-wired, molded against microphonics, 5 mm cast aluminum enclosure <LI>Supply: 1,2 m PowerCord S


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