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Product Image
JBL Pulse
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  199.95
Description: Why live one-dimensionally when you can experience so much more? Imagine bringing your music to life - enhancing your sound experience with glowing, multi-colored visuals - wirelessly! Meet the multi-dimensional JBL Pulse - capable of transforming wherever you are into a party - featuring high-fidelity, room-filling JBL sound pulsed to a series of pre-programmed light themes controlling brightness and color plus wireless Bluetooth for ease of connection to a wide range of smart devices. Download more color themes and keep the party jumping. JBL Pulse will change the way you enjoy the soundtrack of your life. Let JBL Pulse light your way.-Wireless sound system with 10-hour battery, Bluetooth and custom LED light show.


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