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AudioQuest VSD-G
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Description: <ul> <li>Low Distortion, Low Loss, Wide Bandwidth, 75O</li> <li>Video, Satellite, Digital (Audio & Video)</li> <li>Solid SP-LGC Copper, Nitrogen Injected Foam</li> <li>Low Loss</li> <li>Wide Bandwidth</li> </ul> <p> The Ingredients: VSD-G uses solid Silver-Plated Long-Grain Copper (SP-LGC) insulated with Nitrogen Injected Foam (NiF). SP-LGC allows maximum high frequency conductivity for a fraction of the cost of solid silver. NiF reduces distortion caused by the insulating material, and helps maintain a stable 75O. The braid+foil shield provides 100% protection. Gold-Plated RCA or F connectors are optimally connected.


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