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Product Image
Mitsubishi HS U270
0 Reviews
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Description: - 7-Step Shuttle: Provides precise tape speed control similar to that of a jog dial. Simply press the Pause button and then press FF or RW up to seven times for multiple frame-by-frame speeds in forward or reverse.<br>- OTR2: Mitsubishi's unique, easy-to-use method of one-touch program recording also provides a simple way to delay and extend the recording time. When first activated it automatically rounds the start time to the nearest half-hour and sets the recording time to 30 minutes. Each additional button press delays the start time by one half-hour (up to 24 hours). Pressing a 2nd button extends the recording time by increments of 30 minutes (up to 8 hours).<br>- Precision Gap Heads: Offers improved resolution by maintaining a flat video bandwidth, where lesser heads produce high-frequency losses and a corresponding lack of picture detail.<br>- EnergyStar Rating: Assures that these VCRs consume minimal AC power when not in use.<br>


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