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GoVideo DDV2001 Dual Deck VCR
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Description: Imagine watching one video while you're recording a TV show. Or quickly and immediately making a copy of a home movie, like your child's birthday of school play, for grandma. Or setting the deck up to run in loop mode with your child's two favorite videos running over and over, just the way they like them! You'll never settle for an ordinary VCR again.<br><br>It's easy to set up your dual-deck VCR for automatic commercial free copying. Just place a blank tape in each deck. Select the Automatic Commercial Free feature from the on-screen menu. Use the Timer Record function to choose and tape your favorite TV shows. Watch the tape that results in Deck 2 ready for you when you get home! What happens is that the dual-deck senses and removes the commercial segments automatically during the tape copying process. Imagine all your favorite shows with no interruptions, viewed in two-thirds of the normal time! You'll love it.


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