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Product Image
Go Video  DDV-3110
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  165.00
Description: <ul> <li>4-Head Hi-Fi VCR x 4 Head Hi-Fi VCR</li> <li>181-Channel Cable Ready Tuner with One Year/16 Event Timer</li> <li>Commercial Advancer/Movie Advancer lets you skip ads and trailers</li> <li>One-Touch Commercial-Free copy for ad-free tapes</li> <li>Auto Head Cleaner on both decks keeps copies looking sharp</li> <li>Hi-Fi Playback and Record so even copies sound great</li> <li>Front and Rear A/V Inputs for flexibility in hooking up other components</li> <li>MTS Stereo/SAP Audio for great sound</li> <li>Auto Daylight Savings Time</li> <li>On-Screen Menus in English and French</li> <li>On-Screen 99-Year Calendar/12 Hr. Clock</li> <li>Real-Time Tape Counter</li> <li>Tape Remaining Counter</li> <li>Brightness Control</li> <li>Record Speeds - SP, SLP/EP</li> <li>Playback Speeds - SP, LP, SLP/EP</li> </ul>


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