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Product Image
Funai VR69WF 4 Head Hi Fi VCR
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Description: - Hi-Fi stereo recording and playback provides stunning sonic performance, with dynamic range approaching CD levels of quality. With today's incredible sound effects in movies, Hi-Fi stereo is an essential part of any home theater.<br>- Broadcast stereo reception receives and records stereo sound from multi-channel television sound stereo TV broadcasts, where available.<br>- 4-head video system, the double-azimuth video system produces superior, jitter-free special effects for a clear and stable picture during still/pause, slow motion, and forward/reverse search.<br>- Digital auto tracking allows playing of most VHS tapes without the need for manual tracking adjustment by continuously adjusting the tape's tracking across the video heads during playback.<br>- Integrated 181-channel CATV-ready MTS tuner allows reception of all non-scrambled cable channels.<br>- Index search system simplifies finding the start of recorded programs by placing an electronic signal at the beginning of each new recording. Select an index number; the VCR finds it and immediately begins playback.<br>- Auto repeat mode will automatically rewind a finished tape and play it back again.<br>- Auto dead cleaner enhances durability and picture quality by automatically engaging a polypropylene pad to clean the heads whenever tapes are loaded or unloaded, or whenever the machine is turned on.


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