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Product Image
Funai SF2825 Symphonic 2 Head VHS VCR
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Description: - HQ video processing, special recording and playback circuitry enhances video characteristics, producing high-quality pictures.<br>- Digital auto tracking, allows playing of most VHS tapes without the need for manual tracking adjustment by continuously adjusting the tape's tracking across the video heads during playback.<br>- Auto repeat mode will automatically rewind a finished tape and play it back again.<br>- One-button record simplifies the recording of a TV show in progress. One button begins recording and sets the program length, so that the VCR records and switches off automatically.<br>- Auto head cleaner enhances durability and picture quality by automatically engaging a polypropylene pad to clean the heads whenever tapes are loaded or unloaded, or whenever the machine is turned on.<br>- 181-channel PLL tuner.<br>- On-screen display.<br>- 1-year/7-event programmable timer.<br>


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