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Dish Network 4722 System
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Description: The Model 4722 has great features like a DUAL LNBF (this supports a second receiver for multi-television households), Event Timers (this allows you to program your VCR), transparent info screen and MUCH MORE!<br><br>- 33-button universal UHF/IR remote control.<br>- 20"" DISH 500 antenna with double LNBF.<br>- Advanced MPEG-2/DVB compliant.<br>- Power, Channel-Up and Channel-Down Front Panel Buttons.<br>- IR Blaster: Sends an infrared command to VCR to record programmed shows.<br>- Software upgradeable via satellite.<br>- System information available at a button push.<br>- V-chip-type technology for Parental Control based on ratings and content.<br>- Easy access Smart Card.<br>- On-screen Program Guide with complete program listings.<br>- On-screen DISH CD Music Song Titling.<br>- Page-At-A-Time Scrolling in on-screen Program Guide.<br>- Interactive information ""soft keys"" in the menu explain the feature functions.<br>- On-screen transparent channel and program Info Banners.<br>- 4 user-defined Favorites lists (30 channels each).<br>- Theme categories for program selection.<br>- Alternate language support.<br>- Pay-Per-View on-screen purchase summary.


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