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Thorens TD 190-1
4 Reviews
rating  3 of 5
MSRP  599.00
Description: Thorens TD 190 precision belt drive turntable. Three speeds, fully automatic. The TD 190 comes with an Ortofon OMB10 phono cartridge.


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User Reviews

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by StephenG a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: December 23, 2009

Bottom Line:   
I've had the unit about five years. It doesn't get much use, maybe one hundred hours a year in the past. It won't get any more use. After replacing the power supply a year ago, the motor has died. I've chosen to add it to the local landfill. The headshell never held my Shure V-15 very well and I had to reset it after four or so hours of play. An expensive disappointment. So much for Thorens' reputation. I'm going back to Technics' products which has givien me decades of trouble free service.

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Used product for:   More than 1 year

Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

Product model year:   2004

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Phil a AudioPhile

Date Reviewed: March 22, 2007

Bottom Line:   
Thorens TD190-1: Turntable is built exactly as the Dual CS455-1. The only changes is the speed selector is located on the front left corner of the unit. The TD190-1 also has record size selector unlike the CS455-1. The headshell of the TD190-1 is longer than the CS455-1.
The motor is strong with quick startup and keeps perfect stable rotation of the platter. The platter is dampened to reduce or eliminate resonance.
The automatic operation is quiet with only a couple small clicks. Operation is very simple and straight forward.
Nice turntable but a little over priced for what it is and offers.

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Used product for:   Less than 1 month

Duration Product Used:   AudioPhile

Product model year:   2006

Price Paid:    $498.00

Purchased At:   OneCall.com

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:2
Submitted by glrickaby a Casual Listener

Date Reviewed: January 18, 2006

Bottom Line:   
This unit is essentially the same as the
Dual CS455 with the exception of the 78rpm
option and the base is squared a little
differently. Both units probably come out
of the same Dual/Thorens factory. Dual offers a "gold" model while Thorens does not. The tone arm is a light weight tube
with the removable Dual cartridge head. The Thorens uses a longer cartridge head than the Dual but both are inter-changable, provided the "set down" cam is adjusted through the hole on the top of the unit between the switches and the tone arm mount. The owner's manual is mute about any "set down" adjustment and my unit arrived with the OM10 cartridge requiring such adjustment. Fortunately, I previously owned a Dual CS455 and was familiar with this issue. The tonearm matches well with the Ortofon OM series and also the Audio Technica units which both work well on a lighter tonearm. It will play the heavier and bulkier cartridges like the Denon DL103 and the Grado Woods but does not seem to bring out the best in these units.
It is fairly quiet except for the usual noise of the automatic changer. Compared
to other units available in the same list price ($599.00)range, the Music Hall MMF5 is a better sounding turntable,(I own this also), but again, is not an auto- changer. It is clearly a step up from the new automatic units widely available on the net but not of the same quality as the older Duals or Thorens units. The motor is a DC 12 volt with an oversize converter plug. The suspension is stiff but overall, wow and rumble are not noticable and the figures are not published. I use this as a second
turntable because of the automatic shut off feature which my MMF5 does not have.

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Used product for:   More than 1 year

Duration Product Used:   Casual Listener

Product model year:   2002

Price Paid:    $299.00

Purchased At:   J & R Music World

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Tom W a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: May 24, 2000

Bottom Line:   
Overall a very good TT except for the lack of isolation feet. Has good detail & soundstage. Also the platter suspention is very stiff. It has simple but nice looks, with all black, textured finish.

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Used product for:   1 to 3 months

Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

Product model year:   2000

Reviews 1 - 4 (4 Reviews Total)

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