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Product Image
Music Hall Goldring GR-1
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  425.00
Description: Goldring GR-1 Turntable with RB-250 arm and Electra Phono Cartridge <LI> Belt drive turntable <LI> Functionally identical to Rega 2 turntable <LI> Super-rigid, one-piece cast aluminum, RB-250-based tone arm <LI>Factory-installed Goldring "Electra" quality cartridge <LI> Handmade British product <LI> Simple, stylish design <LI> Easy to set up and operate <LI> Precision 12-pole synchronous motor <LI> Manual speed change 45 rpm / 33 rpm <LI> Adjustable counterweight and easy bias adjustment <LI> Low resonance MDF platter <LI> Clear, hinged dust cover included <LI> Phono cables installed on arm <LI> Finished in grey and black


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