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Product Image
Magnum Dynalab MD-106T
0 Reviews
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MSRP  3995.00
Description: MD-106T Triode Tube FM Tuner in Black <LI> Premium FM tuner with triode tube amplification section <LI>In-house-designed five stage tuning front end <LI> Fully complementary balanced design <LI> 100% RF isolation <LI> Magic Eye display tube allows precise center tuning <LI> Matched and certified Amperex "Bugle Boy" 6922 tubes in the amplification stage <LI> Pearl Coolers on the tubes reduces the microphonics and extends tube life <LI> .093 thick printed circuit board minimizes vibration <LI> Wire in the audio path is Kimber AKCG pure silver <LI> Burr Brown op amps with Black Gate capacitors <LI> MIT caps in the audio path and bypass <LI> MIT caps in the AC filtration


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