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Product Image
AudioQuest PT9+ Tonearm
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  795.00
Description: Audioquest PT9+ Tonearm <LI> Medium mass tonearm with optional-use damping <LI> Adjustable arm height <LI> Locking armrest <LI> Tracking force adjustment <LI> Anti-skate adjustment <LI> Vertical tracking angle adjustment <LI> Stylus rake angle adjustment <LI> Finger lift <LI> Fixed headshell <LI> Internal expanded foam damping <LI> External polyolefin sheathing <LI> PVC headshell label <LI> LC-OFC litz wire for internal wiring and headshell leads <LI> Bearing hardness: >HR C60 <LI> Surface finish: >0.5S <LI> Pivot-to-stylus distance: 229 mm.


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