Princeton AR3.2FTX Standard Televisions

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Product Description

Princetons Arcadia 3.2FTX is the most versatile, high- performance XGA monitor/TV receiver available. The value-priced Arcadia 3.2FTX is the first multimedia monitors to combine XGA-computer compatibility, HDTV compatibility and a built-in NTSC TV tuner in a single, professional-class monitor. HDTV-Ready, Arcadia 3.2FTX 4:3 aspect ratio monitors are compatible with 480p (DVT), 1080i and 720p HDTV formats (letterbox) in their native modes. The Arcadia 3.2FTX monitor also features a built- in video line doubler which dramatically improves the video reproduction of TV, composite, and S-Video input sources. Princetons Arcadia 3.2FTX is backed by a one-year limited on-site warranty. Performance, versatility and ease-of-use make Arcadia 3.2FTX the ultimate future-proof solution for boardroom, classroom, and HDTV/PC Applications.

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