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Product Image
Sony BRAVIA KLV-S19A10 19 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV
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MSRP  18.00
Description: Open a fresh, new window on the bright and vivid world of home theater with the LCD WEGA Flat Panel Television from Sony. High brightness and high contrast provide a dynamic range of tonality, so you see blacker blacks and whiter whites with more gradations of color in between. The 15:9 aspect ratio delivers a panoramic viewing experience with a width-to-height picture proportion similar to the silver screen of the movie theater. 3D Y/C digital comb filtering enhances fine detail, cleans up image outlines and eliminates extraneous colors for a more stable image with superb color purity. The HDMI™ /HDCP interface allows reception of stunning high-definition signals from your connected progressive scan DVD player or cable set top box (available from your cable service provider). All this powerful technology is housed within a very slender profile. Without the tabletop stand, this flat-panel is less than 3.5" thin and weighs less than 15 pounds, so space-conserving placement options abound.


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