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Product Image
AOC A20E221 20 in. EDTV-Ready LCD TV
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MSRP  500.00
Description: The A20E221 20” LCD TV offers a large-screen with thin profile for easy wall-mounting or room to-room portability. Although light in weight, this model is a heavyweight when it comes to functionality. The A20E221 is EDTV (Enhanced Definition) compatible and has multiple video inputs so you can connect to a progressive scan DVD player, game console or satellite receiverall in one sleek design. The Picture-In-Picture feature lets you work on the computer or surf the Internet while watching a movie or TV. Whichever functions you use, you'll experience them with 10 watts total sound so games and movies sound great. Connect to an external speaker or amplifier using the audio line output and take sound to the next level!


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