Mitsubishi VS 70707 Rear Projection

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Product Description

The VS-70707 is the ultimate in analog television performance. It adds innovations such as Mitsubishi's new and exclusive ColorTuned Diamond Shield. This unique optical design not only protects the screen from scratches, but also adds contrast to the picture without dimming it. The ColorTuned Diamond Shield features selective filters that block yellow and orange light, the main components in sunlight and home lighting that wash out a TV's picture. But unlike conventional tinted shields, it allows the light from the red, green, and blue CRTs to pass through with minimal loss of brightness. The result is blacker blacks and brighter whites. Other advanced features include:
- Diamond Brite Screen: Provides a brighter picture by focusing more of the CRT's light into the typical TV viewing area. - Illuminated Remote Control: Allows easy adjustment of common TV features, such as changing channels and volume levels, when the room is dark.
- Improved Sound Quality: The VS-70707 has speakers with more than 50 percent additional surface area than the Mitsubishi Silver Series TVs. This means louder sound levels, lower distortion, and deeper bass.

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