Hitachi 57-S715 Rear Projection

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Product Description

  • 1080i High-Definition Display
  • 1080p Video Processor
  • 9-Point Convergence

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Pat D and other, How does the ESL 63 compare to the ESL 57, soundwise?

Pat D, I have an option to acquire a fully refurbished ESL-63, how does it compare to my much loved ESL 57 which is just so sweet, coherent and tactile, context, listening to Aaron Copland - Fanfare for the common man, How does the ESL-63 compare especially wrt to their respective areas of strengths ... Read More »

Quad ESL 57 - Walker's little wonder

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Stacked Quad ESL 57

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65'' vs 57'' HDTV

I was looking at a 57'' toshiba hdtv model no. 57h94 the picture looked very good, what i would like to know is does the picture on a 65'' hdtv look as good as a 57'' they did not have a 65'' at the store they would have to order it , or is it a rule of thumb that smaller the sreen better the pictur ... Read More »

Barry Manilow 57, still alive.

He went to the hospital briefly for chest pains, but he's back home and still with us. :( fpRead More »



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