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Denon DN 770RM
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Description: - 19-inch rack-mountable.<br>- Amorphous Head - The advantage of the amorphous head is that it improves the high frequency dynamic range by as much as 2 to 2.5db at 14kHz.<br>- Dolby B and C Noise Reduction Systems (Deck A/B independently switchable).<br>- Dolby HX Pro Headroom extension system (Deck B only).<br>- Tape speed control of +/- 12%.<br> - When switched to the variable speed mode, a rotary know allows speed change of plus or minus 12%.<br> - Musicians can change the key of a song during playback and DJs can change the tempo of dance songs for beat mixing.<br> - The center click position is normal speed.<br> - When the ""Tape Speed"" button is pressed, normal speed is provided regardless of the knob position.<br>- Memory Rewind (Return-to-Zero) - Once you search a cue point, press the memory button and reset the tape counter, the player stops at zero if you rewind the tape.<br>- Easy-to-read FL displays with wide scale meter.<br>- FL Peak Hold Level Meter.<br>- Non-slip Reel Drive - The highly reliable friction reel drive produces optimum tape tension during fast forward and rewind, as well as well as stable tape travel during playback and recording.<br>- Twin Independent Output - Simultaneously play back two different cassettes at the same time.<br>- Precision Music Search.<br>- Auto Tape Selector (Normal/Cr02/Metal).<br>- Precision tape counter (Real Time Tape Counter).<br>- MPX Filter for FM stereo recording.<br>- Tape length selector for precision counter display.


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