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Product Image
Wharfedale Topaz SW-12 Subwoofer Speaker
0 Reviews
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MSRP  450.00
Description: Using the technology it previously supplied for large stadium rock concert sound systems, the world's leading loudspeaker innovator, Wharfedale, has created the new Topaz range of high-power subwoofers for home theater applications. These subwoofers are designed around a new generation of exclusive high-performance drive units offering long-throw excursions, low distortion, and high power handling. Topaz low-frequency loudspeakers have sealed box acoustic systems for linear phase operation, ensuring a tight, controlled bass sound entirely free of "woolly bass" problems associated with ported systems. Inputs are provided for both line-level and speaker-level signals and have controls for volume, bandwidth, power, and phase. Hardened steel floor spikes are also provided.


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