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Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee
0 Reviews
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MSRP  799.00
Description: With a Class D amplifier delivering 2,000 watts of dynamic power and 1,000 watts of RMS power to one 6.5 driver and two 6.5 radiators, all housed in a 9 x 9 x 9.6 cabinet, your new Velodyne MicroVee subwoofer overcomes the dilemma of sacrificing space for big bass. Velodynes history and reputation provide the big bass#32#32and their innovative technologies dont hurt, either#32#32while a black anodized ribbed aluminum cabinet makes a subtle addition to your living room. <ul> <li>ERS 1000W RMS/2000W Amplification</li> <li>One Active 6.5" Woofer Assembly</li> <li>Two 6.5" Passive Radiators</li> <li>Dynamic Drive Control System</li> <li>Extruded Aluminum Cabinet</li> </ul>


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