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Tivoli Audio Model Subwoofer Subwoofer Speaker
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Description: For the critical listener looking to get the most from their music, computer games, or television sound, the diminutive Model Subwoofer extends the Model Two's bass response by a half-octave. Don't confuse our Model Subwoofer with inexpensive computer speaker subwoofers with sloppy bass. The Model Subwoofer's 5 ¼" bass driver, 20 watt internal amplifier, front ported design, and wood cabinet all translate into rich, musical sound. The Boston Globe said the Model Subwoofer "adds heft and foundation to the music. And it's fairly tight, not too thumpy." The Auto On/Standby circuit, an unusual feature for a subwoofer of this size, activates the subwoofer automatically when it receives a signal and places it in standby when the signal is absent. The cosmetics provide a perfect match to the Model Two. Connecting cable and 9 power cord included. One year warranty. Offered in Metallic Taupe/Cherry


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