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Mirage Loudspeakers OMNI S8 Subwoofer Speaker
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Description: For 30 years, Mirage has been obsessed with creating the most realistic and powerful sound possible from a speaker. One of the toughest challenges was inventing a subwoofer that created true depth without distortion. That's why the Omni-Series subwoofers, like this 8" Omni S8, are a truly miraculous audio discovery. Finally you can enjoy a subwoofer with top quality performance and near-zero distortion. This is achieved through Mirage's patented Low Distortion Loudspeaker Suspension. With conventional woofers, outward and inward voicecoil/cone movement (known as excursion) is never the same because the suspension, or surround (where the voicecoil/cone are mounted), flexes differently as it moves. But because of the semi-elliptical shape of the Mirage surround, the voicecoil/cone movement in either direction is identical, resulting in no distortion. Another problem with conventional subwoofers is dimpling (distortion) of the surround.


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